Pelvic Health Online Classes with Susan Larson

What is it? A physiotherapist-led education, and beginner through intermediate level mat based exercise class for women to improve pelvic health knowledge and strength, concentrating on the pelvic floor and abdominals.

Who is it for? Any woman over 18yrs old who would like to improve the strength and function of her pelvic floor and core in a safe guided environment. This class will build knowledge and strength to enable the flow after this class into community-based fitness or exercise classes, including Yoga and Pilates. Women with conditions such as ongoing back pain or bladder leakage during coughing or exercise (stress incontinence) will find this class especially helpful, as will women during and following menopause years, or following childbirth.

Max 10 participants.

Who is not appropriate? Women who have pelvic pain conditions, are within 6 weeks of childbirth or pelvic surgery, or in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Who is the instructor? Susan is a physiotherapist with Active Health who has advanced training and skills in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy.

When is it? Starting on Wednesday April 29th at 12.30pm, live online 45min classes will be held via Zoom Meetings weekly for 6 weeks, and all participants will receive access to an online recording of the class to enable a second session each week. There will be time available after the class for Q&As. If a live class is missed, participants will be emailed the recording for the class they missed.

All participants must attend an individual 45min Telehealth Pre-Class Physio Assessment prior to attending the class, unless they have visited Susan previously for Pelvic Health Physiotherapy.

How much is it? $120 for a 6-week course of classes, plus $75 for the Pre-Class Physio Assessment.

How do I book? Please call Active Health Canterbury on (03) 383 6290.

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